Thursday, 18 February 2016

An Individual, Is Plural

The many who are in one.
You, an individual person, is more than just one.

You are a combination of all those people who have left a mark on your personality. Battles you have lost, battles you have won and most important, but rare, battles you decided to withdraw from. You have expectations and aspirations. You have people you look up to. And you have people you look down upon
All of these events and people just add to the mammoth of ingredients that put together a cocktail of ideas and thoughts in your conscious. Stirred by the complex emotions that eventually decide on your action. An action, that the world perceives as your true intention. As your true character.

But wait, is there a gap here? A gap in who you perceive your self to be vs who the world perceives you are?

There is no one person who can tell you who you are. You, an individual, is more than one.

The people who can help you understand yourself are within you. Talk to your self. Ask your self questions. Answer those questions your self. Trust your instincts and you will be found. Not by anyone from the outside world, but you, your self, from within. Who is an individual but not just one.

Learn the art of self introspection.

- Anant Agnihotri

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